Capoferro Plate 27

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Plate 27


Italian Text

Translated Text

Actions Notated

Note:The following tables in Italian fencing notation should be considered an interpretation and not the final word on Capoferro's technique.

Plate 27

Master Student
Assumes the F posture

(The image indicates the E posture, but the describing text reads “low 4th, sword withdrawn and dagger high and extended”. I recommend looking at both variations.)

First Movement: From the C posture with the dagger at the wrist, simulates an attack to the inside high line over the opponent's dagger in 3rd, keeping the dagger in place
Parries upward with the dagger and counterattacks with the rapier in either 4th or 2nd Second Movement: Eludes the dagger parry with an attack by disengagement clockwise to the inside line in 4th, simultaneously parrying with the dagger
Receives the Touch



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