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Classical Italian Fencing


Generoso Pavese (1865-1947)

Generoso Pavese was born in Vallata, a small town somewhat near Napoli. Pavese joined the Italian Army, and was a member of the 19th Cavalry. Upon completion of the Scuola Magistrale in Roma, he became the fencing master for that regiment. Pavese was a successful competitor and duelist in Italy, and came to the United States in 1893. He taught for several years at the US Naval Academy. Pavese was a student and admirer of Masaniello Parise, who he called "...the greatest exponent of fencing now living."<ref>Generoso Pavese, Foil and Sabre Fencing, at 5 (Press of King Bros., 1904).</ref>

Pavese's text is notable as it is fairly short and concise, in English, and largely well written, though the sabre section is less clear. The foil section is very orthodox to the method of Parise, as is the sabre section, showing less of the obvious Radaellian influence than the other books of this era, such as the ones by Luigi Barbasetti.


Foil and Sabre Fencing, (Scherma di Spada e Sciabola,), (Press of King Bros., 1904). This text is available online through [1] from




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