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Classical Italian Fencing

Leon Bertrand

Maestro Bertrand was a graduate of the Accademia Nazionale di Scherma, as his book indicates. He is not, however, listed on the graduates list of the Accademia Nazionale website. Maestro Bertrand presents a very large, rather longwinded sabre book, which illustrates a very sport tuned version of Radaellian sabre, wherein the guards and parries are largely Radaellian, but the preference for powerful molinelli is largely exchanged for fast, light, direct cuts. On the whole, approximately half of the book is spent lamenting the state of fencing in England at that time, and the remaining half is dedicated to sabre technique, explained in a rather "stream of consciousness" manner. A clearer look at the material is found in Eleanor Baldwin Cass' "The Book of Fencing", which keeps on topic considerably better.


Cut and Thrust, The Subtlety of the Sabre, (Athletic Publications Ltd, London, 1927).



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